Personal Injury


Firm successfully settled a case in the seven figures involving the death of a Kentucky resident electrical lineman whose life was cut short due the electrical supplier's failure to timely inspect it's service lines which had become corroded over time as the result of the elements of nature.

The case was successfully settled out of court for a confidential amount during the second mediation.


Firm successfully recovered a large seven figure settlement for an Arkansas woman in the U.S. Eastern District Federal Arkansas Court who suffered a serious brain injury in a single vehicular MVA when her boyfriend fell asleep while shown to be in the course and

scope of his employment. The victim was asleep in the back seat when the driver fell asleep. The vehicle left the roadway and was suddenly stopped when it impacted a road excavator which had been parked off the side of the roadway. The impact caused the victim to be thrown from over the front seats and was pinned into the windshield. The case had been returned by a former attorney and declined to be accepted by other attorneys without recovery before our firm recognized the potential of recovery through the negligent driver's employer and an extended statute of limitation in the state of Arkansas.

Case settled for a confidential amount.


Firm successfully recovered a significant six figure settlement for an individual whose hand was sucked into a laminating machine causing a degloving injury in which the skin was completely torn off the victims hand requiring multiple skin grafts to save the hand. The machine manufacture strongly defended it's machine as being safe and asserted the safety mechanisms had been modified after it left the manufacturer's control, but ultimately was settle after lengthy litigation.

Case settlement was confidential.


Firm successfully reached a six figure confidential settlement for a women whose foot became infected with pseudomonas aeruginosa after being surgically prepped with a defective disinfectant pad. Despite a recall on the product, the manufacturer adamantly defended the safety of it's product until ultimately agreeing to pay for the damages caused by it's unsafe product.

Manufacturer agreed to pay for the damages caused by its unsafe product.


Firm successfully recovered a significant amount for a law enforcement officer whose back required surgery after slipping on a freshly waxed floor at the station. Through expert testimony, the plaintiff was able to show that the failure to properly place warning signs led to victim's injury and subsequent back surgery. At the time, it was the largest slip and fall premises settlement in the state.


Firm successfully represented a young woman who required a back surgery after being rear-ended in a very minor MVA. The vehicles involved showed little to no signs of an impact, however, the client underwent back surgery following the accident. Firm was successful in proving minor imp caused the necessity for surgery after which client received a full settlement value for her back injuries. Over time, firm was able to convince the insurance company's highly touted trial attorney that wreck caused the necessity for surgery.


Firm successfully recovered a significant confidential settlement in a dram shop case for two passengers in a single vehicle roll-over collision after the 17 year old driver had consumed beer which he purchased at a convenience store. The two passengers and the driver were thrown from the vehicle resulting in the death of the driver, while the passengers suffered severe traumatic injuries. The driver's blood tested positive for other mind altering substances which the defendant store argued was the cause of the driver's diminished mental state. Firm represented the two passengers while the estate of the deceased driver was represented by another firm. The cases were all settled after attorneys successfully recovered nearly the entire commercial policy limits. Neither the driver or any of the victims had a receipt or other proof of purchase other than the testimony of one of the passengers.


Firm successfully proved through trial that nationally named cereal contained a rock consumed by Plaintiff which caused a broken tooth requiring extraction and an implant. The case was appealed on the issue of attorney fees in which the firm was successful in reversing the trial court and recovered the Plaintiff's attorney's fees from the manufacture. Case was hotly contested with multiple attorneys for the defense and required 2 civil trials and an appeal before all matters were ultimately decided in the client's favor.